Press Release

February 12, 2021

Dealing with one of the hardest questions we have faced, the Blossomtime Festival has decided to postpone community pageants until after September 1st, 2021.

After speaking with the chairmen of each local program and lengthy conversations with the Board of Directions, we have decided this is the most responsible and respectful action we can take at this time.

The Festival wants to take this down time for what we would like to call a reset.  We are hoping to be able to continue with some of our time-honored traditions this spring such as Blessing of the Blossoms and other events that we feel could be possible within the guidelines set during this pandemic.

Something that is especially important to all of us is the growth of the diverse young people we work with.  We all strive to create a “blue ribbon” experience for each of our young kids.  With events limited and crowd sizes capped, we struggled to figure out what experience we could create for our new title holders.

In an effort to include the youth that did not have the opportunity to run for 2021, we have expanded the age limit to 17-20 years old for the 2021-2022  pageant season only.

The health and support of the communities for not only the Festival, but each other, are far more important than the risk.  The Festival is not going anywhere, we are strong and can survive this thanks to the support from our communities and sponsors.  

The Blossomtime Festival is the oldest, largest, multi-community Festival in Michigan, celebrating 115 years this year. The goal of the Festival is to provide young adults in Southwest Michigan with mentoring opportunities, to learn about our rich agricultural history and to assist in making their educational dreams come true by providing scholarships. Each year the Blossomtime Festival crowns a Queen and King to celebrate the coming of Spring for our rich agricultural region. Our first Miss Blossomtime, Catherine Burrell from Benton Harbor, was crowned in 1924 and our first Mr. Blossomtime Jake Belter from the community of Stevensville was crowned in 1997. Our 88th and current Miss Blossomtime is Faith Kittleson from Berrien Springs and our 24th and current Mr. Blossomtime is Jeremiah Sterling of Benton Harbor